Feb. 7th, 2012

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I'm sorry about posting twice so close together, but man this post is giving me feelings right now.
I had to look up how to do a cut )
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Working on getting Becca into figure skating. She likes Yu-na Kim so far, because that's who she has watched, and now I have to decide to to get her into next. Teams USA and Japan are my favorites overall, but even narrowing down to that I don't know. I guess current elite senior skaters (as in, not currently retired ones). Mao Asada, Ashley Wagner, and Alissa Czisny are, of course, probably great choices for ladies skaters. For mens I'm thinking Daisuke Takahashi, Yuzuru Hanyu, Adam Rippon, or Jeremy Abbott.

I'm still working on watching more people and finding out who else I like. I mean, right now I know that I prefer skaters to be lyrical, artistic, and good at actually skating with the music, rather than just skating to music, if that makes sense. The ability to emotionally connect is, of course, really good, and I also like nice spins and choreo. Still, I haven't actually watched the majority of good skaters who are currently active (or who were active in the past).

My roommates all think I'm crazy, but for whatever reason skating fandom has gripped me. I figured it would be my other new fandom, Sherlock, that I'd be blathering on about. Nope! All skating all the time.


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