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And yet I don't bother changing it.

Anyway, I have recently been thinking a lot about tattoos. Specifically, what I would get and where I would put it/them. I don't plan on doing it, not really, but I actively like the idea of me with a tattoo lately.
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Jermajesty, Princess J, and Angel Boy for the US Nationals podium 2013. I don't even really know what order I want them in, tbh. Adam in 1st or 2nd, because I am such a stan and I want him placing at least as high as he did this year. Armin, Ross, or Jason Brown for pewter. I feel badly that there is not room for all of them.

I don't know as much about pairs and ice dance other than there are two US teams each that I know I like, so no premature thoughts about that yet. Also I'm less worried, though I would prefer if Denney and Coughlin didn't take first. I worry more about the guys, I guess. But yeah, Shibs & D/W on the ice dance podium and M/B & E/L on the pairs podium please.

As for ladies, I like all of them. I don't stan anyone, but I also wish most of the ladies well. I actually feel kind of proud of myself that, as of right now, I feel like I will be totally happy with any podium as long as I agree with the judging.

I should be focused on Worlds, or figuring out what Juniors I like, or doing my homework like a responsible student who wants to let herself get a decent amount of sleep tonight and tomorrow, but nope.
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I can't remember how to edit the look of my profile, but boy do I need to de-ugly this thing.

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Made a twitter for skating-related stuff.

I probably should have used this LJ username, but the name of this is so old and I really dislike it, so I went with an alt one that no one knows me by: sleepyteacup.

Back to catching up on the men's free skates from last night. I think I'm missing pairs, but I do have lots to do this weekend.
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Not watching men's fs live because a friend decided to do a birthday thing tonight.

I know, you're all heartbroken.
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Only gonna liveblog these ladies if I have more to say than "not bad," "good costume," "good music" etc. Because of that, I'm probably only going to talk about one skater in group 3 and dedicate most of this to group 4 (plus some side comments).
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I think I'm not going to liveblog this last group, but I'm wishing Caroline the best!
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I decided not to liveblog the men's here last night, but I'm going to try doing the ladies' here. Hopefully I'mm be less emotional about it than I was last night, because while I love the ladies I'm not as opinionated. As long as Ashley does well I'm good. Same for Mao, I guess, but it's hard to actually worry about whether she'll do a good job. I mean, she's Mao Asada. This'll probably be a really long post, followed by more long posts.
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I gotta do the twitter liveblogging thing, it looks like, but I feel badly posting lots in a row. Also I can't remember my password.

so excited

Feb. 9th, 2012 01:03 am
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4 Continents starts tomorrow night. I'm skipping the second half of a club meeting to I can watch live because I decided to pay for a pass to watch 4CCs and Worlds online.

As I may have said in an earlier post, I'm not well-versed in the different skaters yet (esp. not pairs and ice dancing or anything below seniors) and I have mostly seen US people since watching Nats is what got me so into skating, but here is who I am rooting for, in order of where their names appeared on the list online:

Men: Daisuke Takahashi, Denis Ten, Ross Miner, and Adam Rippon (natch).

Ladies: Mao Asada, Victoria Muniz (because she is reps Puerto Rico and is from Guam, and I have feelings about the US territories; idgaf if she has no chance at getting on the podium), Ashley Wagner, and Caroline Zhang.

Pairs: Not Caydee Denney and John Coughlin.

Ice Dance: Um...whomever I like when I watch?
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Working on getting Becca into figure skating. She likes Yu-na Kim so far, because that's who she has watched, and now I have to decide to to get her into next. Teams USA and Japan are my favorites overall, but even narrowing down to that I don't know. I guess current elite senior skaters (as in, not currently retired ones). Mao Asada, Ashley Wagner, and Alissa Czisny are, of course, probably great choices for ladies skaters. For mens I'm thinking Daisuke Takahashi, Yuzuru Hanyu, Adam Rippon, or Jeremy Abbott.

I'm still working on watching more people and finding out who else I like. I mean, right now I know that I prefer skaters to be lyrical, artistic, and good at actually skating with the music, rather than just skating to music, if that makes sense. The ability to emotionally connect is, of course, really good, and I also like nice spins and choreo. Still, I haven't actually watched the majority of good skaters who are currently active (or who were active in the past).

My roommates all think I'm crazy, but for whatever reason skating fandom has gripped me. I figured it would be my other new fandom, Sherlock, that I'd be blathering on about. Nope! All skating all the time.
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I'm sorry about posting twice so close together, but man this post is giving me feelings right now.
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I mostly use tumblr now if I want to blog, but I recently have a new fandom obsession that I get the urge to post about so often that I think I should spread it out a little by posting some of those things here.

This of course means the content of my journal will change slightly, so get a more specific focus. I don't expect to as much notice here for opinions compares to tumblr, where the tagging system works well for having people you don't follow find individual posts and "like" them or respond to them, but I mostly need a place to blather about my feelings about figure skating, struggling with wanting to ship skaters without doing so in an AU, and yeah.

At some point I'll probably go through my interests and userpics and stuff to adjust.


Aug. 6th, 2009 11:43 pm
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Those who have been around me lately know that I've gotten really obsessed with season 2 of So You Think You Can Dance. It was the season that got me into the show, before I really understood what I liked in a dancer. While I think season 3 had the most talent to choose from, and season 4 had solid guys & Katee, season 2 holds a special place in my heart. Tyce D'Orio called it the "heart and soul" season because of the special magic it had. If you want, you can join (it's free) to watch "iVAN #4.1 on SYTYCD 4 for movmnt - Life of a Dancer," where Tyce breaks seasons 1-4 down.

Anyway, I thought I would share some season 2 videos. In doing this I also realized that the only change I would have made to the top 6 was having Allison instead of Natalie. (I'd then have had Allison in the top 4, instead of Heidi.) For length's sake, none of these are solos or group routines; I'm saving those for another post. Also, no Park Pench because they sis it for the 100th ep this season. My favorites are also pretty showcased. I apologize for the low quality of some videos.
vids after the cut, in order of air date )
There were other good dances, but I couldn't find them on YouTube. I'll probably post group and solos soon, if only because Ivan does a solo to a song by Wade.
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I was stupid today and didn't work on my paper, even after my freak out. Tomorrow is going to be hell. Why do I do this to myself?
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For my communications class, I am officially writing an 8-12 page paper on the Supernatural fandom. I was going to do something on fandom in general with a focus on how the internet functions in fandom, but he wanted me to write about a specific fandom, preferably one of which I am a member. the research I plan on doing )
I feel weird about coming back after ceasing my SPN fandom activity for so long (it's been two months or so and I posted on fanforum, which moves really fast) and asking questions about it, but I'm going to have to suck it up. I'm not actually sure who on my flist is part of the SPN fandom and I don't think anyone who is actually reads my journal anymore. Still, if you see this and you're part of it, let me know! If you know someone who is willing to give me some input, send him/her over here.

I'm going to post a question here for anyone who is part of ANY fandom. I'm having trouble articulating my answer, but maybe someone else will have more luck. I don't care if your answer is as simple as one word or is complicated and pages long, I just want to know:
What is fandom for you?

Also, if anyone knows how I can get in contact with the person who goes by Jintian (who wrote the "Fandom Is" poem), I'd love to ask for permission to include some of it just in case I find a way to make it work.

I miss Oz

Mar. 5th, 2009 04:41 pm
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I was YouTube surfing and found a video of Lee Tergesen talking about his fans. He's so sweet!
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I'm giving myself 15 minutes to write about what has been on my mind today before I start on what I actually need to do. I doubt any of my flisters really want to read all these thoughts, so I'm putting them under a cut. That way if you get bored and want to read it, you can.

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My rant/thought is unfinished, but my time is up. Hopefully using that time doesn't mean I won't be able to get required stuff done.
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Necesito continuar a practicar el español y, para organizar mis objectivos por el resto de la tarde y esta noche, necesito hacer una lista de mis objectivos (a to-do list). Para conservar el tiempo, ésto es los dos. Porque [ profile] roguemarch está maravillosa y me ayuda, decidí a escribir la lista aquí.

1. comenzar a rever el ensayo de inglés sobre las declaraciones antes de cuatro
2. (a las quatro) dormir por cuarenta o cincuenta minutos
3. continuar a rever el ensayo de inglés
4. ir a la cena
5. si necesario, terminar las revisiones al ensayo de inglés
6. leer uno de los papeles de com. y escribir mis reacciones basicas.
7. comenzar el primer ensayo de reaccion.
8. pensar sobre las preguntas del examen de anthro.

Writing this reminded me that I need to re-learn using "por" versus "para" and when I need or don't need definite/indefinite articles. Also, is "post" feminine or masculine? I'm trying not to cheat and look up words, so cómo se dice "until," y qué son unas palabras que son mejores para usar?

I just want to read for fun, finally finish the second season of So Weird, and generally do things that don't include writing essays. A discussion in one of the two classes I actually enjoy made me want to write in stream-of-consciousness for 5-15 minutes without trying to direct or organize at all. Plus I still haven't worked on trying to document some memories from when I was in elementary school or before, which I have wanted to do for a long time.
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Puedo escribir en español porque no tengo la clase de español este semestre y necesito practicar para que no olvide todo. Acabo de realizar que no recuerdo muchas de las reglas de la gramática. Me siento como una niña estúpida.

That took way longer than it should have. I've hardly used Spanish since December and it shows. Also, I have a shitload of reading this semester. So far Intro to Peace Studies looks like it will be the hardest class, but I'm scared about Intro to Communication Studies because we are required to share every paper (final drafts, not just for peer editing) with two other students. Welcome to my nightmare. At least most of my classes share the fact that they involve studying people, which is what I love. In case anyone is interested for some reason, I'm taking Intro to Cultural Anthropology, Intro to Psychology (with lab), and English 105 as well as the two I already mentioned.
mysterismileimport: (esperanza) - More specifically, Sera Gamble (although Simon is great too). I have yet to dislike anything she has written. She has a website of her own (, if people are interested.

Rachel Nabors' comics. Her website is



Having celebrity crushes. It's the emotionally safest form of crushing, IMO. I don't get too invested in wanting it to really happen, so I don't get that upset if the person is dating someone, but I get to have that happy, giddy feeling you get when you see your crush just by going online/watching something with that person in it/what have you.

Hooded sweatshirts.

The internet. It's hard to be bored when you have so much at your fingertips.

Happy small children. They're adorable.

The Soup.

Songs that fit your mood perfectly.


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