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I was stupid today and didn't work on my paper, even after my freak out. Tomorrow is going to be hell. Why do I do this to myself?
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For my communications class, I am officially writing an 8-12 page paper on the Supernatural fandom. I was going to do something on fandom in general with a focus on how the internet functions in fandom, but he wanted me to write about a specific fandom, preferably one of which I am a member. the research I plan on doing )
I feel weird about coming back after ceasing my SPN fandom activity for so long (it's been two months or so and I posted on fanforum, which moves really fast) and asking questions about it, but I'm going to have to suck it up. I'm not actually sure who on my flist is part of the SPN fandom and I don't think anyone who is actually reads my journal anymore. Still, if you see this and you're part of it, let me know! If you know someone who is willing to give me some input, send him/her over here.

I'm going to post a question here for anyone who is part of ANY fandom. I'm having trouble articulating my answer, but maybe someone else will have more luck. I don't care if your answer is as simple as one word or is complicated and pages long, I just want to know:
What is fandom for you?

Also, if anyone knows how I can get in contact with the person who goes by Jintian (who wrote the "Fandom Is" poem), I'd love to ask for permission to include some of it just in case I find a way to make it work.
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Necesito continuar a practicar el español y, para organizar mis objectivos por el resto de la tarde y esta noche, necesito hacer una lista de mis objectivos (a to-do list). Para conservar el tiempo, ésto es los dos. Porque [ profile] roguemarch está maravillosa y me ayuda, decidí a escribir la lista aquí.

1. comenzar a rever el ensayo de inglés sobre las declaraciones antes de cuatro
2. (a las quatro) dormir por cuarenta o cincuenta minutos
3. continuar a rever el ensayo de inglés
4. ir a la cena
5. si necesario, terminar las revisiones al ensayo de inglés
6. leer uno de los papeles de com. y escribir mis reacciones basicas.
7. comenzar el primer ensayo de reaccion.
8. pensar sobre las preguntas del examen de anthro.

Writing this reminded me that I need to re-learn using "por" versus "para" and when I need or don't need definite/indefinite articles. Also, is "post" feminine or masculine? I'm trying not to cheat and look up words, so cómo se dice "until," y qué son unas palabras que son mejores para usar?

I just want to read for fun, finally finish the second season of So Weird, and generally do things that don't include writing essays. A discussion in one of the two classes I actually enjoy made me want to write in stream-of-consciousness for 5-15 minutes without trying to direct or organize at all. Plus I still haven't worked on trying to document some memories from when I was in elementary school or before, which I have wanted to do for a long time.
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Puedo escribir en español porque no tengo la clase de español este semestre y necesito practicar para que no olvide todo. Acabo de realizar que no recuerdo muchas de las reglas de la gramática. Me siento como una niña estúpida.

That took way longer than it should have. I've hardly used Spanish since December and it shows. Also, I have a shitload of reading this semester. So far Intro to Peace Studies looks like it will be the hardest class, but I'm scared about Intro to Communication Studies because we are required to share every paper (final drafts, not just for peer editing) with two other students. Welcome to my nightmare. At least most of my classes share the fact that they involve studying people, which is what I love. In case anyone is interested for some reason, I'm taking Intro to Cultural Anthropology, Intro to Psychology (with lab), and English 105 as well as the two I already mentioned.
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Still no word from the roommate. I emailed her one or two weeks ago (since every day is pretty much the same for me, I can't remember dates that well), but she's MIA. I have to get her answer about a minifridge for the room before I leave for my early program. I'm nervous enough that we won't get along and I want to know what to expect.
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Josh Radnor gave a great speech for graduation. It was funny, poignant, and positive without being annoying. His on-the-spot stuff was good and made everyone laugh, and my mom won't stop talking about how fantastic he was. I kind of wish I had hidden paper and a pencil in my robe so I could get some of the good quotes written down. He's also really handsome in person. I'm glad I didn't blush when I shook his hand after they handed me my diploma.

While we were waiting in the theater to be let onto the field where graduation was going to be held, Josh came in and sat in the back. When I saw him it was weird in the way I imagine someone stepping out of a tv and sitting in a room with you would be (minus impossibility of that situation of course).

Unfortunately, the only quotes I can remember are
-"Uh, Josh Radnor told us not to listen to out brains."
-"Dude, our brains are telling us to say that!"
-"So get comfortable with the discomfort of it."
-"Sixteen years ago you were two."


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