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Only gonna liveblog these ladies if I have more to say than "not bad," "good costume," "good music" etc. Because of that, I'm probably only going to talk about one skater in group 3 and dedicate most of this to group 4 (plus some side comments).

I've heard an instrumental version of Miss You Love and I really wish one of the Aussie skaters would skate to it. They probably love Silverchair, right? I feel like other Silverchair songs would work as instrumentals to do programs to. I mean, they'd work for exhibitions, too, but we're not gonna see those from any of these skaters.

Excited children are adorable. Also liking the quick backstage cam. Hi Ashley!

ISU results website - men are blue and women are pink? Really?

C'mon Victoria! Not the best skate ever, but I still like her a lot (go PR!) and finally someone broke 40. She did it with a fever, too. Fighter!

TIME FOR GROUP 4! Let's go Ashley! Also team Japan, because (as I have maybe said) I love me some team Japan. Way better costumes as a whole now that we're at this group and leveled up in terms of skill. Nothing I particularly dislike is on the ice for the fist time today (though the boob frills on Maos are kinda lulzy to me).

Mao's character is really working for me. She looks like a girl who is just out skating for fun, even though I'm sure no one would do Biellmanns just for fun in real life. Could have been better, but not at all bad.

Patriotic lady I love you and your sweater plus other countries' flags. Also a sidenote, I love how Adam adorable makes fun of himself on twitter.

Listen everyone, it's Satin Doll! As in a good jazz tune that isn't Take Five! I still prefer types of jazz that came a little later, but I understand my tastes necessarily aren't best suited to most skating (though others totally are). Good choice Amelie.

Still loving Ashley's music. I'm def enjoying her program the most so far. Princess Ashley could get first. Ok, she got 2nd, but it's close.

Some beautiful skating happening right here from Kanako. Less expression in the face than my usual faves, but I really liked her program. Also, way to get the first clean skate! (And my favorite costume so far, though Ashley's is a close contender.) Not sure she got a high enough score.

All this grace is killing me. I know I left some people out, but I didn't have much to say.


I think I'm not going to liveblog this last group, but I'm wishing Caroline the best!
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