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Those who have been around me lately know that I've gotten really obsessed with season 2 of So You Think You Can Dance. It was the season that got me into the show, before I really understood what I liked in a dancer. While I think season 3 had the most talent to choose from, and season 4 had solid guys & Katee, season 2 holds a special place in my heart. Tyce D'Orio called it the "heart and soul" season because of the special magic it had. If you want, you can join (it's free) to watch "iVAN #4.1 on SYTYCD 4 for movmnt - Life of a Dancer," where Tyce breaks seasons 1-4 down.

Anyway, I thought I would share some season 2 videos. In doing this I also realized that the only change I would have made to the top 6 was having Allison instead of Natalie. (I'd then have had Allison in the top 4, instead of Heidi.) For length's sake, none of these are solos or group routines; I'm saving those for another post. Also, no Park Pench because they sis it for the 100th ep this season. My favorites are also pretty showcased. I apologize for the low quality of some videos.

Donyelle is a BEAST. No lie.

I wish they had actually tap danced, but this piece was fun anyway.

Where did krumping go the past two seasons?

I could only find the Cuban rumba routine in this live version in which we miss a chunk of Ryan's dancing, which is a shame because it's the only dance I remembered him in.

I think Allison stole this one, but Ivan did better than expected. Plus it's an Argentine Tango with a version of Libertango.

It wasn't my favorite choreography and I think Benji over-acted, but I loved it anyway.

This is one of the best routines Allison and Ivan (or "Ivason") did. Was is as complex as some recent pieces? No, but I loved it.

To use one of his favorite words, Travis is OVA in this. (Ova is like fierce, but more.) Mary choreographed this and, while it's not as intense as The Jeanine/Brandon one from this season, I think it was hotter.

I don't remember Ryan at all, but Allison was FANTASTIC as usual. Also noteworthy because Mary wasn't a judge.

The fact that I agree with Mary on everything is reason enough for me to post this.

The quality is horrible, but it's the only version of Ivason's second Argentine Tango I could find, and I thought Ivan was better in this than in the previous one. Allison leaving after that week was as wrong as Janette's premature elimination.

Re-watching season 2 reminded me of how varied Shane's stuff can be.

I love latin dancing. This is no exception, even though I'm a little squicked that Benji and Heidi, who are cousins, had to dance that together.

Afro-Pop has never been used again, but it sure was cool.

This dance can be summed up in one word: Tranji.

There were other good dances, but I couldn't find them on YouTube. I'll probably post group and solos soon, if only because Ivan does a solo to a song by Wade.

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One of them doesn't work. :(

I hate when things you can't buy get taken down for copyright reasons. It's not as if someone else is claiming it, stealing anything, or keeping people from getting the pay they would earn if the viewer purchased it instead of seeing it online.


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