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I'm giving myself 15 minutes to write about what has been on my mind today before I start on what I actually need to do. I doubt any of my flisters really want to read all these thoughts, so I'm putting them under a cut. That way if you get bored and want to read it, you can.

babbling ahead )

My rant/thought is unfinished, but my time is up. Hopefully using that time doesn't mean I won't be able to get required stuff done.
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I haven't been on in a while, not really sure why. Maybe it's because I'm trying to get back into writing in my actual journal.

I finally have time to hang out with Jes again. Science class alone is not enough time to be with a friend. It great because she's one of my closest friends and we usually have a great time just talking. We're on the same wavelength or something...I got her to watch a bad tv show that I'm trying to watch just because Rider Strong is on it and we both love him, and now we have this whole master plan thing for getting a good show back and working on a tv show together (she'll write and I'll direct).

Life is gonna be crazy soon because I'm starting to volunteer at C.H. weekly now rather than monthly, am on crew for the school musical, and have two HUGE long-term assignments due aroung the same time.

Oh, and my crush on Michael Rosenbaum has felt creepy since I found out that he is only a few months younger than my history teacher. The crush on the girl in my history class has wained as well.

Allergies are frustrating as hell. My eyes keep getting itchy and swollen, my throat itches like none other, I'm getting congested, ad I keep sneezing at the worst moments.


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