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I'm giving myself 15 minutes to write about what has been on my mind today before I start on what I actually need to do. I doubt any of my flisters really want to read all these thoughts, so I'm putting them under a cut. That way if you get bored and want to read it, you can.

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My rant/thought is unfinished, but my time is up. Hopefully using that time doesn't mean I won't be able to get required stuff done.
mysterismileimport: (esperanza) - More specifically, Sera Gamble (although Simon is great too). I have yet to dislike anything she has written. She has a website of her own (, if people are interested.

Rachel Nabors' comics. Her website is



Having celebrity crushes. It's the emotionally safest form of crushing, IMO. I don't get too invested in wanting it to really happen, so I don't get that upset if the person is dating someone, but I get to have that happy, giddy feeling you get when you see your crush just by going online/watching something with that person in it/what have you.

Hooded sweatshirts.

The internet. It's hard to be bored when you have so much at your fingertips.

Happy small children. They're adorable.

The Soup.

Songs that fit your mood perfectly.
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I want a copy of The Alchemist in Spanish so much it's crazy. I know I probably would have tons of trouble getting through it even though I've read the English version twice, but my goal is to understand as much of El alquimista as I can without cheating. If anyone on my flist has suggestions of other Coelho books, let me know. I'm dying to see the outcome of The Experimental Witch Project, but I should probably read The Witch of Portobello first. Reading Coelho's bio has kicked off an obsession with his work.

I found that there are lots of pretties here. I also love [ profile] hollow_art. Icons are wonderful and I wish I had space for more. Whatever, that's why I have IJ.

I mentioned fashion blogs yesterday. It got me thinking about them so I went on Google and managed to find one ( that I could just stare at and enjoy the pictures. Weird. I think it's the fun red shoes and non-clothes shots (crushed yogurt cup, scenery). If I had one it would probably end up being me making fun of clothes like what I did at Gallery Hop recently until they got mad at us for taking pictures in the store. It was worth it for the pictures of metallic stretch pants and me dressed up in neon green bike shorts over jeans with a badly buttoned neon orange thermal. I want to go back and take more pictures o my friends and me playing dress-up.

I am so out of babysitting shape thanks to a month of no work. I was sitting last night for three little girls and woke up sore. Carrying kids up and down stairs can be a real workout when you haven't done it recently.
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I was never attracted to Chris Meloni when I had only seen him in SVU and Wet Hot American Summer, but I've come to appreciate why people want in his pants. My weird thing about noses prevents me from going ga-ga, but otherwise day-um. Lee Tergesen has grown on me as well.

I def. have a thing for Kirk Acevedo after seeing him as Miguel. He's like a big puppy I want to hug.

I love babysitting for the family I sat for tonight. The kids hardly need me for anything, but the boy is adorable and has GREAT taste in music (even as an incoming second-grader) and the girl is a sweetheart and looks up to me (awww).

I like parentheses.

My new icons are preeetty
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I couldn't sleep last night and this is what my brain had to get out before it would let me rest:

I hear it in my head
Words of a snake slithering
Dragonfly paths and bird wings
Words that aren't there
That don't exist, aren't real
They fill my head
Try to escape
I ramble endlessly
But it does little
To empty my mind
I can't find peace.

I don't actually understand it at all. I'm used to not liking my stuff, but this is the first time I've not been able to figure it out.
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I haven't been on in a while, not really sure why. Maybe it's because I'm trying to get back into writing in my actual journal.

I finally have time to hang out with Jes again. Science class alone is not enough time to be with a friend. It great because she's one of my closest friends and we usually have a great time just talking. We're on the same wavelength or something...I got her to watch a bad tv show that I'm trying to watch just because Rider Strong is on it and we both love him, and now we have this whole master plan thing for getting a good show back and working on a tv show together (she'll write and I'll direct).

Life is gonna be crazy soon because I'm starting to volunteer at C.H. weekly now rather than monthly, am on crew for the school musical, and have two HUGE long-term assignments due aroung the same time.

Oh, and my crush on Michael Rosenbaum has felt creepy since I found out that he is only a few months younger than my history teacher. The crush on the girl in my history class has wained as well.

Allergies are frustrating as hell. My eyes keep getting itchy and swollen, my throat itches like none other, I'm getting congested, ad I keep sneezing at the worst moments.
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It's weird how I always think of things that I really should post just because I'll want to remember it, but never get around to posting.
I shall now force myself to write, but I doubt it's of interest to anyone. It's also will make little sense to anyone who doesn't really know my thinking patterns.
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MR's pilot might get picked up by Fox!!! I think it's only a script so far, but I'm already excited at the possibility of a show about him as a kid!

I got a Johari window thing. I'd love to get responses, but 'tis okay if I don't.


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