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Made a twitter for skating-related stuff.

I probably should have used this LJ username, but the name of this is so old and I really dislike it, so I went with an alt one that no one knows me by: sleepyteacup.

Back to catching up on the men's free skates from last night. I think I'm missing pairs, but I do have lots to do this weekend.
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Not watching men's fs live because a friend decided to do a birthday thing tonight.

I know, you're all heartbroken.
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Only gonna liveblog these ladies if I have more to say than "not bad," "good costume," "good music" etc. Because of that, I'm probably only going to talk about one skater in group 3 and dedicate most of this to group 4 (plus some side comments).
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I think I'm not going to liveblog this last group, but I'm wishing Caroline the best!
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I decided not to liveblog the men's here last night, but I'm going to try doing the ladies' here. Hopefully I'mm be less emotional about it than I was last night, because while I love the ladies I'm not as opinionated. As long as Ashley does well I'm good. Same for Mao, I guess, but it's hard to actually worry about whether she'll do a good job. I mean, she's Mao Asada. This'll probably be a really long post, followed by more long posts.
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I gotta do the twitter liveblogging thing, it looks like, but I feel badly posting lots in a row. Also I can't remember my password.


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