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And yet I don't bother changing it.

Anyway, I have recently been thinking a lot about tattoos. Specifically, what I would get and where I would put it/them. I don't plan on doing it, not really, but I actively like the idea of me with a tattoo lately.

I have three-ish ideas (one has sub-ideas) that I particularly like - quotation marks indicate text:

1. "Live Through This"

2. "Do I dare disturb the Universe?

3. "I am a leaf on the wind."
    3a. The above text with a very simple picture (basically just line work) of a leaf and the indication of wind somehow
    3b. Just the picture described above

In terms of placement, text would probably go between my shoulder blades, right above the where the band of a bra would be, or on the inside of my left bicep. If I'm brave, I like the idea of it on my rib cage, but the pain is supposed to be tremendous there. The text + image would have to be on my back or ribs, possibly the line from Prufrock too, because of how much space it would need considering minimum text sizes. If I did just the image, it could go on my back, shoulder (well, the part is is still my back), or the ankle or ribs if I wanted to deal with the pain. I actually wouldn't mind it right on the fleshy part of my hip, but that area tends to change in size on me as it is.

None of this really matters, since I don't intend to get one, but I don't mind having the ideas planned out. I do, however, really want a cartilage piercing.


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