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I decided not to liveblog the men's here last night, but I'm going to try doing the ladies' here. Hopefully I'mm be less emotional about it than I was last night, because while I love the ladies I'm not as opinionated. As long as Ashley does well I'm good. Same for Mao, I guess, but it's hard to actually worry about whether she'll do a good job. I mean, she's Mao Asada. This'll probably be a really long post, followed by more long posts.

I wish I could have more to say about any of the ladies in the first group. I don't much of them, though, and I still don't know a whole lot about skating. Chantelle's last spin seemed well centered I think. In the K&C her makeup is beautiful, but her face is so sad it makes me a little sad. I have to admit I didn't watch the whole thing straight through, so maybe she has reason to look sad?

Liking this music choice from Sandra Kohpon. I wish she'd look more excited about a new season's best, though.

I approve of how sparkly Brittany's costume is. I also dig the music choice.

Conflicted about this costume Zhaira's wearing.

Also, SKATERS EVERYWHERE THERE IS OTHER JAZZ YOU COULD BE SKATING TO. Brubeck is a master and Take Five is good, but oh my god there is this big world of jazz and three different short programs at one championship should not be to the same song. I want to get all the skaters and put them is a class about jazz music or at least send them all some playlists. If it's the unusal time signature they want, there are still options that aren't Take Five.

Enjoying Reyna's energy, happy program, and the fact that she is from & repping Mexico. Nothing to say about Zara...

I like Yea-Ji's costume.

The little girl rocking out in the audience is great.

Even Mericien's illusion mesh has sparkles on it! I love the energy she is giving off in this program.

Good choice of music from Melinda. Parts of it reminded me slightly of the music from Twin Peaks for some unknown reason. A Twin Peaks program would be amazing. Back to Melinda, love the big genuine smile at the end. 

Mimi's flow is nice. I'm not surprised that her score is the highest so far.

Yeah, I don't think I have anything to say about Chaochih. Nice enough, her spins were pretty. 

I ADORE CRYSTAL'S COSTUME, it looks like Meryl's.

I gotta do the twitter liveblogging thing, it looks like, but I feel badly posting lots in a row. Also I can't remember my password.
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