Feb. 26th, 2012

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Jermajesty, Princess J, and Angel Boy for the US Nationals podium 2013. I don't even really know what order I want them in, tbh. Adam in 1st or 2nd, because I am such a stan and I want him placing at least as high as he did this year. Armin, Ross, or Jason Brown for pewter. I feel badly that there is not room for all of them.

I don't know as much about pairs and ice dance other than there are two US teams each that I know I like, so no premature thoughts about that yet. Also I'm less worried, though I would prefer if Denney and Coughlin didn't take first. I worry more about the guys, I guess. But yeah, Shibs & D/W on the ice dance podium and M/B & E/L on the pairs podium please.

As for ladies, I like all of them. I don't stan anyone, but I also wish most of the ladies well. I actually feel kind of proud of myself that, as of right now, I feel like I will be totally happy with any podium as long as I agree with the judging.

I should be focused on Worlds, or figuring out what Juniors I like, or doing my homework like a responsible student who wants to let herself get a decent amount of sleep tonight and tomorrow, but nope.


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